Saffet Yagiz

Nazarbayev University

Republic of Kazakhstan



Graduate Program Director of Mining Engineering Department at SMG (2018-Continue)
Chair of Teaching and Learning Committee (TLC) of SMG (2018- Continue)
Graduate Program Committee (GPC) Member of NU (2018-Continue)
Academic Quality Enhancement (AQE) Committee Member of NU, (2018-Continue)
Teaching and Learning Committee (TLC) Member of NU (2019-Continue)
International Research Ethics Committee (IREC) Member of NU (2018-2019)
Director of School of Foreign Languages at Pamukkale University, Turkey, (2011-2014)
Curriculum Development Committee Chair of the Department of Geological Engineering at Pamukkale University, (2010-2015)
PhD Program Development Committee Chair of Geological Engineering Department at Pamukkale University, (2003-2006)