Samuel Zayzay Jr

Reconciliation and Integration Alternative National Congress




Samuel Zayzay Jr. Born October 3, 1986, in the city of Monrovia Republic of Liberia. I was born unto both single parents Samuel Zayzay Sr and Elizabeth James, I am the eldest of three siblings, namely: Olivia, Sonie and Maria.

Growing up between two separate parents was exceptionally difficult and became an obstacle for me.  This tremendous obstacle causes a huge delay in my primary educational life. At the tender age of 10, my Aunt became my guardian which was another difficult transition. At this period in time, I became a petty street seller in order to survive. This situation was rapidly heading me down in a negative path, but fortunately enough I overcame it by my conviction and set goals. I struggled with the absence of my parents during my childhood.

After many years of struggles as a result of civil war in my country, I became a high school dropout and proxy as a public bus monitor. Knowing the importance of education, I embark my academic sojourn, graduated from high school in 2005 and later enrolled at the Stella Maris Polytechnic where I obtained an ASC, BSc in Civil engineering in August of 2015. While there I participated in student leadership and expose my intellectual ability.

I currently attend the China University of Mining and Technology in a master program withunderground mining discipline and obtained 3.6 cumulative G.P.A. With speedy understanding, I have learned many engineering concept pertaining to environmental sustainability utilizing industrial waste.

I am motivated and is aspiring to create the best possible future for surroundings, and have also worked very hard to ensure academic excellence. I am overly ambitious.

Over the years, I have made my knowledge available to work with team and organization using my idea as a tools to enhance society transformation. I communicate more effectively with others in making decisions for a well-organized project. Providing the example of innovation and growth, helping others to accelerate the development of ideas to support new concept. I  Initiate and develop innovative solutions that solve problems, improve efficiencies and grow individual intellect. I possess a flexible characteristics which gives me endless opportunities to innovate and grow as individuals and as an organizer.


Area of Interests

Mining Engineer